belated birthday post

Saturday was my birthday! If you've been reading for a while, you might know that last year was my Golden Birthday. I turned 28 on the 28th. I celebrated by doing 28 things. Compared to last year, this year wasn't quite as exciting. My main plans were to go for a bike ride, but after a big bike wipeout on Friday, I had to take it easy and nurse my cuts and bruises on Saturday. I did receive a few new "toys".

1. A pasta maker

pasta-makerMaking pasta seems complicated, but it's quite easy. I'm not sure why it took me so long to try it. You simply mix flour and eggs together (2 eggs for every cup of flour) and then knead it.

It is admittedly much easier to make it with a pasta maker. The dough is very stiff and can be hard to knead by hand, but little Italian women have been making pasta by hand without a pasta maker...

The great think about the pasta maker is that you just have to mix the dough and then flatten it enough to send it through the machine a few times until it comes elastic and easy to work with.

Once you get it to the desired thickness, you put it through the side that cuts the pasta. And just like that, homemade pasta.

I let mine dry for about an  hour before cooking it, but you can make it and store it to use later.

I want to experiment with different thicknesses. The pasta I made this week was a little too thick. But practices makes perfect and I intend to use this for all my pasta dishes going forward.

2. Zoku popsicle maker


I'm a little obsessed with popsicles in the summer. I eat them everyday. I'm really excited that I can make them on my own now.

My biggest frustration with homemade popsicles in the past was that you had to wait hours for them to freeze before you could enjoy them. When I crave a popsicle, I want it now...not in 24 hours.

Enter Zoku.

You keep your Zoku in the freezer and the liquid core stays cold and frozen. So when you want a popsicle, all you have to do is take it out, pour in some juice and in only 7 minutes, you have a delicious frozen popsicle...or two or three. You can make up to 6 at once with my little Zoku.

I'm really excited to try some of the recipes on the Zoku blog like Cucumber Mint Margarita, Apple Pear & Orange and Berry Mojito. Adult, happy hour popsicles? Sounds like an excellent summer time treat.

3. Electric kitska

My last birthday treat was an electric kitska for making Ukrainian Eggs. I can't wait to try this out next Easter and see if the electric kitska helps make smoother lines!

4. One last thing

Those of you who are on my email list might have received an email from me on Saturday. I had great intentions of holding a birthday sale on my knitting patterns. But then I made a mistake and forgot to change the subject line of my email. So it probably looked like I was sending a duplicate email inviting you to join me on Pinterest, when really I was trying to offer you a special discount on my patterns.

Originally, I had the sale ending on Sunday, April 29th at midnight, but I'm extending it until Sunday, May 6th.

The 3 knitting patterns I have for sale in my store are:

During the sale, you can have all three for only $5! 

As an added bonus, if you purchase this special birthday bundle, you'll get my next pattern for free. It's a crochet blanket made using the Afghan/Tunisian stitch and should be ready in a week or two.

All four patterns would typically cost $16, but you can have them at 70% off!

Buy Now! 

You have until Midnight (Mountain Standard Time) on Sunday, May 6th to order. I will email you the patterns within 2 days after your purchase (to the email you use on PayPal). If you prefer to receive the patterns at a different email address, please email me with your PayPal purchase ID and the email address you used to purchase the patterns.

last minute holiday gifts: the knitting edition

Last week we started the "Last Minute Holiday Gift" series where I'll be sharing some gift ideas that you can make, bake or buy for your friends and family. Don't worry, I'm not going to suggest that you start knitting a sweater for each of your family members. These ideas will be fast and easy...and they'll get progressively easier as we get closer to the end of the month.

Today's edition is for knitters. 

Gifts to Knit

another cozy

Coffee Mug Cozies: These cozies are perfect for people who love to enjoy their warm beverages this winter. You can use your leftover scrap yarn to make them and they're very simple and fast to make. Add a funky button and you have a great gift for the coffee lover in your life.  (Free pattern from Ravelry)


Simple Hats:Hat 1 (to the left) and hat 2 (right) will keep your friends and family warm this winter. These can be sized up or down. I'm terrible at measuring and knitting hats that actually fit my head so all the hats I knit for myself end up being gifts for my friends with babies and toddlers ;-)  (Free pattern for hat 1 and hat 2)

knitted cowl
Cowl Knitting Pattern

Cowls: My friends love these cowls. They take a little longer to knit than the hats and cozies, but you still have time! Cast on and get started. Find the pattern for the linear cowl here and the knobby cowl here.

Gifts for knitters

Do you have knitters in your life? Why not buy a gift certificate to Purl Soho or Knit Picks?

Want something more personal?

How about you?  Any suggestions for knitting related gifts? 

Leave a comment below and I'll randomly select 5 people to receive a free knitting pattern from my store (your choice)!