10 Free One Skein Knitting Patterns

I recently finished a few knitting projects and as I thought about what I should cast on next, I realized I have so much yarn in my stash. Leftover yarn, skeins I bought with no project in mind, stray projects I abandoned--I have enough to fill up a couple of cubbies in my IKEA cabinet. Instead of buying new yarn for new projects, I thought I would challenge myself to at least make a dent in the stash I have now. I've been knitting quite a few hats this winter (for me and for gifts). Many one skein projects are for hats or baby gifts or dishcloths. I tried to find some that looked fun and interesting and didn't all fit under the traditional categories.

It will be nice to try a few of these quick projects. What's your go-to project to use up leftover yarn?

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understanding yarn labels

Are you ever confused by the labels on your yarn? This helpful infographic from Stitch11 shows you all the details on weights, gauges and laundering. How many of you are sticklers for checking your gauge? It's one of the things I hate the most and I've been burned before by knitting things that are too small or too big. You'd think I would learn my lesson, but I still avoid the gauge whenever possible...

I have a little baby sweater on my needles right now. I need to knit the sleeves and find some cute buttons. Once I do,  I'll share all about the pattern here.

yarn labels

last minute holiday gifts: the knitting edition

Last week we started the "Last Minute Holiday Gift" series where I'll be sharing some gift ideas that you can make, bake or buy for your friends and family. Don't worry, I'm not going to suggest that you start knitting a sweater for each of your family members. These ideas will be fast and easy...and they'll get progressively easier as we get closer to the end of the month.

Today's edition is for knitters. 

Gifts to Knit

another cozy

Coffee Mug Cozies: These cozies are perfect for people who love to enjoy their warm beverages this winter. You can use your leftover scrap yarn to make them and they're very simple and fast to make. Add a funky button and you have a great gift for the coffee lover in your life.  (Free pattern from Ravelry)


Simple Hats:Hat 1 (to the left) and hat 2 (right) will keep your friends and family warm this winter. These can be sized up or down. I'm terrible at measuring and knitting hats that actually fit my head so all the hats I knit for myself end up being gifts for my friends with babies and toddlers ;-)  (Free pattern for hat 1 and hat 2)

knitted cowl
Cowl Knitting Pattern

Cowls: My friends love these cowls. They take a little longer to knit than the hats and cozies, but you still have time! Cast on and get started. Find the pattern for the linear cowl here and the knobby cowl here.

Gifts for knitters

Do you have knitters in your life? Why not buy a gift certificate to Purl Soho or Knit Picks?

Want something more personal?

How about you?  Any suggestions for knitting related gifts? 

Leave a comment below and I'll randomly select 5 people to receive a free knitting pattern from my store (your choice)!

what's in your knitting queue?

It's hard to stay motivated to knit during the hot summer months (unless you're like me and have baby gifts to finish). I managed to finish a blanket in June, another one in August and I have a third on my needles right now! Did you finish any major knitting or crochet projects this summer? Comment below and leave a link to your blog or Ravelry project!

One of the many (and I do mean many) things I love about fall is that my motivation to knit returns. As I finish these 90+ degree days in August, I'm bookmarking some projects for when my motivation returns.

Here are a few projects in my queue...what's in yours? Comment below and let me know!

Susie's Reading Mitts

Reading Mitts

Flocked Mittens


A Noble Cowl