A few weeks ago, I bought a pumpkin at the fruit stand near the subway on my way home from work.  There were only a few left and I bought a big one.  I neglected to think about how heavy it would be to cart it all the way home.  There were (of course) no seats on the T so I had to carry it the whole trip.  When I finally climbed up to the 4th story and put it down on my kitchen counter, I could have sworn it weighed 20 pounds.  As it turned out, it was only about 10 pounds (but in my defense, I had lifted weights and worked out my arms that morning...)


I promptly cut it in quarters and baked it.  My goal was to make lots and lots of pumpkin puree.  Making it is easy--just cut the pumpkin and put it face down on a baking sheet.  Pour a few cups of water on the baking sheet and bake at 350 until the pumpkin's flesh is soft and easy comes away from the skin (30ish minutes).

pumpkin halves

After the pumpkin cools, take out the flesh and mash it (either by hand, or with a food processor).  Easy enough--fresh  pumpkin, which tastes much better than the canned variety.

Don't forget to save the seeds!  I roasted these ones with butter and salt and they were delicious (and healthy!)


After my pumpkin was reduced to only it's flesh, I still had about 7 pounds of pumpkin puree.  What did I do with it?

I made apple pumpkin soup and then I made whole wheat pumpkin scones.  But I still have a lot of pumpkin left.  What should I make?  A pie?  Anyone have some great pumpkin recipes?