this week I...

1. Made Strawberry Leek Quesadillas (with goat cheese) They are delicious and a great summer meal. You should make them.

2. Had the staples removed from my foot! And my burns are healing nicely...finally!

3. Learned that glass must be heated slowly or it explodes. Apparently thick glass is worse than thin glass since it heats unevenly, causing it to break. Pyrex is specifically designed not to break. Glass can withstand high temperatures when heated slowly and evenly.

4. Was reminded that visits to the ER are not only painful, but also expensive.

5. Dog sat the most adorable little dog in the world. Meet Rascal. I miss him already...reminded me so much of the little Bichon I had growing up named Peaches.

Rascal the Bichon Frise
Rascal the Bichon Frise

6. Went to Dillon, Colorado

7. And read by the lake...

monday inspiration

Prarie Sky{Image from Cre8}

I spent 14 hours driving through the plains and prairie this weekend. In the past, I never saw much beauty in the trips from Denver to Nebraska. This time I appreciated the blue skies and green crops and small towns. I didn't take any pictures quite as lovely as the one above, but when I saw it on craftgawker, I had to share.

Here are a few other links to inspire your creativity on this hot, summer Monday...

Earring embroidery ring

I need one of these! But I'm not sure I have the skills to make it myself.

Paper flower tutorial

Learn to make these lovely paper flowers (easy!) to add some color to your next project.

Paper flower tutorial

Bandana Print Cookies

I'm really impressed by these bandana print cookies! Very creative!

Bandana print cookies

happy 2011!

2010 was a whirlwind of a year.  I lived in the Dominican Republic, Colorado and Boston.  Besides traveling all around the DR, I went to Japan, Philadelphia (twice), San Diego, Seattle (twice), Nashville, Chattanooga, Austin (twice) and drove from Denver to Boston. I cooked, knitted, and took pictures.  A year ago, my new year's goals were:

  • To not let a full month go by without posting on the blog.  Accomplished! (though I'm still not quite as regular as I would like to be)
  • To read lots of books. Accomplished!  I read 42 books this year.
  • To knit a pair of socks that fit.  Accomplished!  (Although I didn't use the two circular needle technique, I made a pair and gave them to my mom for Christmas)
  • To take a picture every day. Accomplished!  This was a huge undertaking, but I love going back and reviewing my year in pictures. It challenged me to look at my days in a new way.  I love how it captures my travels, the mundane, the exciting, the little things and the big things.  I'm planning to print the photos and put them together in a scrapbook.  I'm still on the fence about whether I'm going to do this again in 2011.  I loved the project, but I might be a little burned out on it.  In July, I posted my favorite photos from the first six months.  My full 365 days of photos are on Flickr. Below are my favorite pics from July - December.