hot weather treats

As I mentioned in my last post, it has been super hot in Colorado this summer. We've consistently had temps in the high 90s for the last few weeks with no rain. You've probably heard about the terrible fires we have burning all around the state. The dry air, gusty winds and hot temps have created terrible conditions for the fires. It's hard to complain about the heat when I see the destructive fires harming so many. It's hard to think about cooking when it's so hot out, so I've been looking for cold food and easy to make recipes. Turning on the oven is out of the question and I can't even think about things like soup.

This week, I made cold rice noodles with peanut lime chicken from smitten kitchen.

cold rice noodles

Don't let the recipe intimidate you. There are quite a few ingredients listed, but most of them are for the sauces. This is a perfect summer meal. It's light and summery with fresh basil and mint. The noodles are cold and the sauces are perfect. I loved this recipe and it's definitely going into the keeper pile.


For dessert, I made popsicles. I'm a sucker for anything with grapefruit. When I saw this simple recipe with grapefruit juice and strawberries, I couldn't resist. Especially since I had a few grapefruits and some fresh strawberries.

This recipe would be great without the alcohol, but if you want an adult popsicle, put in the vodka or gin. Mmmm. Refreshing, tasty and healthy!

What are you doing to stay cool this summer?